Upper Austrian state horticultural show Bad Ischl 2015

Des Kaisers neue Gärten

State horticultural show Bad Ischl 2015
The Emperor's New Gardens

Not The Emperor's New Clothes but his new gardens will make Bad Ischl a blooming attraction in Upper Austria in 2015. From 24th April to 4th October 2015 the Upper Austrian state horticultural show takes place in the imperial city. 

As host of the state horticultural show Bad Ischl makes references to the historic heritage of the imperial era and integrates it – as one would expect from an imperial city. The horticultural show's motto - “The Emperor's New Gardens” - refers to Kaiservilla (“emperor's villa”) including Kaiserpark, which for more than 60 years was summer residence to the imperial couple Franz Joseph and Elisabeth. It also builds the main part of the Upper Austrian horticultural show 2015. 

Bad Ischl blooms – horticultural art between history and modern era

The more than 20 hectare big area is divided into 4 fascinating parts. Sisipark is a “new” landscape park with historic roots that nestles up to the renatured part of Kaltenbach. Right next to it you will find Esplanade, Bad Ischl's famous strolling promenade that is located right opposite the 4-star Hotel Goldener Ochs. Continue through the impressive Kurpark to the culmination, Kaiserpark, which impresses with its inventiveness. 

The colours, smells and charm of the flower beds provide unforgettable blossom bliss from spring to autumn.

12 diverse indoor shows with various floristic highlights (like The World of Roses, Orchid Treasures, Mountain Blossoms, …)

8 enchanting themed gardens (rose garden, grass garden, white garden, blue garden, sun garden, shade garden, …) offer inspiration and connect the Sisipark and Kaiserpark garden pairs.

Children's entertainment provided: the climbing Lipizzaner at the playground on Hasnerallee, swings in Kaiserpark, the water playground on Kaltenbach, the new playground in Kurzpark, learning in the natural environment and a comprehensive kids' stations programme make children's hearts leap for joy.

All the diverse events make the state horticultural show a garden festival with a focus on music, information and fun for children: concerts, festivals, garden presentations, craftwork, jazz brunch, show cooking, fairytale storyteller … 

Cable car in Bad Ischl - Horticultural show
Marvellous views with the cable car in Bad Ischl

State horticultural shows in Upper Austria from 2005 until today 

Since the first event in 2005 the Upper Austrian state horticultural shows have become a flourishing success. The horticultural shows 2005 in Bad Hall, 2007 in Vöcklabruck, 2009 in Bad Schallerbach and 2011 in Ansfelden/Ritzhof are still in good memory with all the pleased visitors. In 2015 Bad Ischl, the Salzkammergut's romantic centre, was nominated to present the landscape artistic state show. 

The state horticultural shows have sustainably contributed to create valuable biospheres and green areas in the municipals. The exhibitions facilities are mostly kept even after shows and delight visitors in the years after the actual event.

Landscape architect DI Andreas Kastinger is responsible for the planning process of the Upper Austrian state horticultural show. 

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