The highlight of the state horticultural show Bad Ischl

The park around the emperor's mansion and the Marmorschlössl (“marble palace”) is considered to be one of Austria's most significant historic gardens. Designed like an English landscape garden it offers long walks, romantic gazebos and diverse visual lines. Newly designed gardens, the gardener club and the floristic indoor shows complement this gorgeous artwork and provide inspiring ideas for garden designs. 

View over the Emperor's park Bad Ischl
Kaiserpark in the Emperor's city

For the state horticultural show Kaiserpark will be enhanced with new garden architectural elements here and there. The garden cultural heritage will be renewed and a modern design approach will also be integrated. 

The state horticultural show also shows 8 different, delightful themed gardens that present some of the diverse opportunities of garden design. These are designed in 4 garden-paris, half of which can be marvelled at in Kaiserpark, the others in Sisipark: 

  • Blue garden – white garden
  • Grass garden – rose garden
  • Shade garde – sun garden
  • Garden “so close ...” - Garde “... and still so far” 


Diverse planting with shrubs

Ca. 600m² of shrub beds have been planted for the Upper Austrian horticultural show. In addition to other exhibits in Sisipark and Kurpark you will find 115 different shrub species in Kaiserpark alone. The range reaches from shade shrubs with grasses and ferns to half-shaded positions and magnificent herbaceous borders at sunny places. Between yarrow, aconite, anemones, granny's bonnets, geranium and meadow-rue every hobby gardener and garden specialist will find a great range of inspiration for their own garden design. 

Kaiservilla at Bad Ischl, Salzkammergut
Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl

Kaiservilla (emperor's mansion) 

For many centuries European history was written at Kaiservilla, which made Bad Ischl the “secret capital” of the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy. At Kaiservilla and the surrounding parks the imperial couple spent almost all of their summer holidays. The estate was once the wedding present of archduchess Sophie to her son Franz Joseph and his Elisabeth and was then redesigned bit by bit. While the mansion was renovated and extended in a neoclassic style, it was decided that the green spaces would be redesigned following the example of English landscape gardens with staffage buildings like Marmorschlössl, Spiegelpavillon and Gloriette. 

At Kaiservilla marvel at the originally preserved rooms where the imperial couple spent many summers after their wedding in 1854 and where emperor Franz Joseph finally declared war on Serbia in 1914 and where he also stated his motives in the manifest “An meine Völker” (“to my peoples”). Tip: the Hotel Goldener Ochs package deal already includes the entry fee to Kaiservilla. 

The Tudor-style Marmorschlössl served empress Elisabeth as a refuge, In this small palace in the north-west of Kaiserpark Sisi found peace and quite for writing, planning her travels and welcoming her friends. Today the building accommodates Upper Austria's photography museum.  

Bad Ischl celebrates its “emperor pride” every year in a very special way around the emperor's birthday on 18th August. During the emperor's week in Bad Ischl many events remember the imperial couple. 

Excavations in Kaiserpark

In the course of the planning for a park renovation that would be suitable for landmark, archaeological excavations were made in Kaiserpark in December 2012. Close to the former market garden they found ceramic shards that implied that there used to be a former plant garden. The state horticultural show refers to this finding with a themed garden at exactly this spot. A former fountain was also revealed north-west of Kaiservilla. 

Spa in Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl's bloom as a cure and spa town started in the 19th century. The first famous guests were cardinal archbishop Rudolf – brother of emperor Farnz Joseph I – and the parents of the later emperor, archduke Franz Carl and princess Sophie of Bavaria. They had been childless, but after a salt cure they were able to have a child (“salt prince”). This is how Bad Ischl became a summer holiday resort. 

Today you can relax in the “emperor's spa – Kaisertherme”, which includes the thermal baths and Bad Ischl's spa hotels. Relax in an intimate space at the Spa Hotel Goldener Ochs that offers you spacious recreation with its 500m² big private spa with the new vitality area.

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