The state horticultural show's parks

Walk through the magnificent gardens on the traces of the imperial era 

The Bad Ischl state horticultural show 2015 is divided into four parts that run through Bad Ischl like a blooming belt. The end points, and highlights, are Kaiserpark and Sisipark that are connected with each other via paths through the historic city centre. This ensemble includes the Esplanade and Kurpark. From Hotel Golder Ochs it's only a 2-minute walk to Esplanade and to Sisipark. 

From here all other areas of the garden festival are located within walking distance – the paths are all well sign-posted and suitable for prams. In addition various transfer services are offered between Kaiserpark and Sisipark

Tulips at the state horticultural show Bad Ischl
The Emperor's New Gardens in Bad Ischl


Bad Ischl's Kaiserpark around the Kaiservilla mansion and Marmrschlössl is one of Austria's most important historic gardens and is the horticultural show's centrepiece. It is designed in the style of an English landscape garden and offers room for long walks, gorgeous gazebos and diverse visual axes. In celebration of the horticultural show new gardens, the gardener club and floristic indoor show empathize on the contemporary aspect in this majestic art piece. 


Sisipark is the counterpart to the majestic Kaiserpark and is located at the other end of Bad Ischl. Peter Joseph Lenné the famous Prussian landscape architect once planned this garden for Empress Elisabeth. Unfortunately this park remained unfinished. In the course of the horticultural show the remaining historic design elements shine anew and are complemented with cunningly themed gardens. 

Just like Sisipark and Kaiserpark can be interpreted as a pair, other enchanting garden pairs were designed for the horticultural show. The first garden of each pair is always located in Sisipark, the counterpart in Kaiserpark. 

The following garden pairs can be discovered in Bad Ischl in 2015: 

  • Blue garden – white garden
  • Grass garden – rose garden
  • Shade garden – sun garden
  • Garden “so close ...” - garden “... and yet so far” 



Just like Esplanade, Kurpark also offers free admission during the horticultural show. The wonderful green space, music salon and theatre foyer serves as a much frequented recreation and whereabout in the centre of Bad Ischl. In the shade of the old trees you will find wide blooming fields of flowers in the summer, mainly roses and true shrub rarities. 


Strolling promenade, urban open space and meeting point: Esplanade with its newly planted “Kaiserlinde” lime tree invites you to marvel and enjoy and it lets the imperial city's tradition come to life. A break on the riverside, an evening stroll or a delicious ice cream – don't miss out on a walk on Esplanade during your visit in Bad Ischl. 

Cosmea flower - Horticultural show Bad Ischl
Colorful state horticultural show

The designers of The Emperor's New Gardens 

In order to get the best designs for Bad Ischl's themed gardens a competition took place amongst the Austrian landscape architects. The winners were “Monsberger Gartenarchitektur” from Graz and “zwoPK Landschaftsarchitektur” from Vienna. The Südtiroler Planungsbüro für Landschaftsarchitektur won the bid for the sun garden in front of Marmorschlössl – as a reference to Sisi's frequent stays at Trauttmannsdorff Palace near Merano. 

The shade garden in Sisipark was planned by an agency in Berlin – after all, the original architect of the “Elisabeth-Park” Peter Joseph Lenné came from the German capital. “We saw the shade garden as a chamber in the tree covert. This sums up the festive retreat that is worthy of an empress. Sisi's thoughts were often characterised by longing for quiet and privacy. The chamber in the shade is crowned by a huge, circular chandelier 3 metres above the garden. The garden's floor is covered ny dark-grey slate cladding. White, cut pavers create magical and abstract silhouettes with the dark slate”, explains Tobias Micke from “St raum a.” some of the basic ideas of his design. 

A visit at the Bad Ischl horticultural show can easily be prolonged to a cosy holiday in the spa city, for hiking, mountain biking, culture bliss or just for recreation. Exquisite spa, outstanding cuisine and warm encounters await you at Hotel Goldener Ochs. Your hotel room in Bad Ischl is only a mouse click away – the team at 4-star Hotel Goldener Ochs is already looking forward to respond to your no obligation enquiry with an corresponding offer. 

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