Horticultural show 2015 site plan

Overview over the exhibition area

Themed gardens in pairs

With Kaiserpark in the north and Sisipark in the south the stations at the horticultural show create an axis through Bad Ischl. In addition to the exhibition's main venue the whole town is integrated in the horticultural show. The popular Esplanade on the Traun riverside as well as Kurpark are of course also part of the exhibition area. These side premises offer free entry during the state horticultural show. 

In reference to the imperial couple Sisi and Franz, who famously knew and loved Bad Ischl, the two spacious historic parks refer to each other in a very creative way. The state horticultural show presents 8 masterfully themed gardens that are arranged in 4 pairs. The first garden of each pair is located in Sisipark, while its counterpart is waiting to be discovered in Kaiserpark. 

New gardens on historic grounds

Fritillaria flower horticultural show Bad Ischl
Flower exhibition at the state horticultural show

The variety of the different historic facilities allows different design possibilities and key themes. None of the four areas is like the other and every venue captivates with its own character: 

Sisipark, also known as Lenné-Park after its original planner Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866), presents themed gardens, huge flowerbeds and colourful bush belts between the remains of the original facility. 

One of the horticultural show's highlights is Kaiserpark, which delights with the style of an English landscape garden with romantic gazebos and interesting visual lines and axes. Thanks to the creative themed gardens and the floristic indoor show this historic park becomes a grand artwork that invites you to long strolls. 

Esplanade, the strolling promenade in Bad Ischl, makes the spa and imperial town's tradition of the 19th century come to live. Here you can take a comfortable walk in the shade of the alley or take a rest on one of the benches on Traun's riverside. The cosy garden at Hotel Goldener Ochs is only a bridge away – perfect for a visit for coffee and cake. 

Kurpark, which is over-towered by the congress and theatre building, is a recreational oasis in the middle of the old imperial city and at the same time a theatre foyer and music hall. The park is extended in some areas for the state horticultural show: gorgeous summer flowers, roses and bush rarities as well as the newly built music gazebo present the most obvious changes. 

Follow the city tour signs that will lead you to various areas: from Sisipark/Esplanade to Ischl's historic city centre and up to majestic Kaiserpark. 

Find a site plan of the 2015 Upper Austrian state horticultural show's exhibition area for your orientation here! 

,,Traungartl'' Restaurant Bad Ischl
Hotel Goldener Ochs in Bad Ischl

In the centre: Hotel Goldener Ochs 

From Hotel Goldener Ochs, your 4-star accommodation in Bad Ischl, all areas of the state horticultural show are located within walking distance. In less than 2 minutes you already find yourself at Esplanade, from where another path leads to towards Sisipark or to Kurpark and Kaiserpark. 

After a walk through Bad Ischl's gorgeous gardens look forward to unwind in the spa area at Hotel Goldener Ochs or to enjoy good food in the garden with views over Esplanade. 

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